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(613) 963-0344
215 Terence Matthews Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, K2M1X5
Shop Rental

We are ready to offer a completely fully equipped automotive shop for rental. Full SnapOn toolbox with virtually every hand tool there is and a state of the art SnapOn Diagnostics PC.

Package Rates

You have something bigger in mind for your car? Engine swaps, modifications that will simply need more time? Well that’s ok let’s talk about our off peak bundle hours to save you more money for more time.

Partners Parts

Need parts? With our P.O System you can order parts at our lower shop cost from local suppliers. Order it have it shipped to the shop so your parts are there and ready when you need them.

Car Groups

Are you a member of a car club or forum? Great bring your buddies over for the next club meeting. We have a big parking lot infront of us capable of having many cars. Use the lounge as a meet and greet point or better yet schedule a full day of shop and lounge time and everyone can rotate tires, do oil changes etc.

Tech Rates

Picture a place with everything that you need to work but no overhead. A client waiting room with full Wi-Fi access, TV and fridge and coffee machine but with no overhead of your own.

Diagnosis Help

Have an issue but can’t quite figure out what it is? Well don’t worry we have a partner tech that can assist with this as well as a state of the art computer OBDII scanner to assist with the complete diagnosis,

Pitrow Motorsport – Our Garage is Your Garage!

Pitrow is your car’s one stop shop. Whether you are looking to rent a bay for some DIY repairs, looking to get your car detailed, or need your vehicles’ brakes checked out – we can help! It’s a great place to auto enthusiasts to meet, socialize and work on their cars in a professional and most importantly safe atmosphere. We currently offer about 1000 sq. ft. of heated and air conditioned shop space. We have one lift and the shop is fully equipped with all the tools and equipment you would likely need to do most work from an oil change, to a full engine swap or custom install of some sort.

  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Lounge
  • DIY Shop Rental
  • Brake Service
  • Undercoating
  • Full Automotive Service
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Tire Swaps
  • Performance Accessories
  • DIY Memberships
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